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How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

Well, that depends.

Are you looking to gain more followers? Are you looking to grow your business? Are you trying to increase your reach online? How about all of the above?

Let’s face it, social media is now your new marketing source. No longer do we have to pay for a spot in the newspaper, or pay to have something on the radio or tv, it’s all on multiple platforms for free (mostly) and can reach millions of people in one single post. The best part about it is, you can build & customize your entire brand to match you and your business consistently through all the outlets.

One of those platforms you can use to grow on is Instagram.

Instagram is arguably the biggest platform currently for growing your audience. If you have something to sell, whether that’s a product, a service or just yourself as an influencer, Instagram should be a huge focus in your marketing technique. This platform can engage in multiple ways, you can reach whoever, whenever, and expedite your success more than ever possible.

So the big question is, how often do you post?

The answer is quite simple. How often can you stay consistent with posting?

This is a personal decision, but I will answer with a question: How badly do you want to succeed?

If growing your brand or business on the platform is something that is constantly on your mind, something you want more than anything else, and you have a definitive why on why you want to be successful in this online space for your business, you need to be posting often & consistently.

So, what does this mean? This means that you need to be doing two things on a consistent basis:

1. You need to be posting high-quality, engaging content 3-7 times per week. This can be in the form of a feed post, reel, or video. And should be followed up with regular snippets in your stories daily.

2. You need to be genuine & make connections through the platform.

Whenever someone asks me how often they need to be posting I tell them this: The more you post the faster you grow, but you can't just post for the sake of posting. You need to show up consistently and genuinely. That looks different for everyone.

If you're stuck on what to post, check out our blog on what you should be posting on social media.

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