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What Should You be Posting?

Does anyone else think the hardest part of social media is just coming up with ideas on what you post? Sometimes I get stuck for hours trying to come up with content ideas.

But here's the thing, your content needs to be well thought out, and carefully constructed to fit your brand. Your Instagram should have a “theme” whether that be in the branding, the content, the captions, or the value —it needs to represent you. Your posts should be enough to grab the audience's attention and come from your authentic self. People respond more and engage with posts that are written from the heart.

Your audience is made up of a bunch of different people, with different preferences on content. You want to stay authentically you, you want to get your message across, but you also want to be appealing to your followers.

This is why I recommend 5 different variations of posts:

Something educational.

Something that will provide value for your audience. Why? Because it shows them how much of an expert you are in your niche. You want them to continue to save & share your posts. Providing them with things they can constructively take away from your platform will do just that.

Something inspirational.

Did you know, people purchase things due to their emotions and not their logic? It’s true. What you have to offer is unique, authentic & exactly what your ideal client is looking for. Inspire them to improve themselves by investing in what you have to offer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a product, service, cafe, water bottle, or petting zoo, you name it! If you can inspire people to benefit from what you’re offering, that is where the beauty is.

Something fun.

You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to have an Instagram page. Something fun doesn’t necessarily need to be funny (but it definitely can!). A giveaway, free resource, a fun live, Q&A, meme, or something to give your audience enjoyment will keep them engaged.

Sell your business.

That’s right. People are scared of selling. Money is an awkward topic, I get it, but if you’re being consistent, genuine, and following the above three methods of posting, it is more than okay to let your followers know what you’re offering.

Something Personal

People want to know the human behind the brand so whether that is you or your staff or highlighting the customers that you serve, try to do at least 1 personal post a week.

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